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Genes and hormones can be the reasons for large pores, but there are other factors such as oil or uncleaned skin causing oil to settle around the pores, improperly removed makeups and cosmetics which helps to magnet dirt and oils that clog the pores, excessive extraction without proper aftercare leaving the pores open to trap dirt. Aging and decreasing elastin and collagen production can also be the main factor of enlarged pores.

​Lack of hydration of the skin as well as an excessive buildup of dead skin cells, can be the most common causes of unbalanced skin texture.

They can also lead to rough, bumpy, and dry patches. Lack of moisture retention in the skin can be due to aging or insufficient water intake in the diet.

Keep your skin moisturized is very important to maintain the healthy barrier protection of  the stratum corneum. Skin cells must have enough moisture to function properly: renew, replace and maintain the skin elasticity, to prevent pores becoming enlarged. Most common misconception we have is to replace the hydrating skin care products with rich anti-age products as we age. In fact, finding the right ones that suit you is the key to keep your skin moisturized and healthy, since applying overly-enriched skin care products when you don't need the extra moisture can cause the oil imbalance, skin irritation, and worsened 


Recommended Treatments


World’s first. Industry’s finest. Light years ahead.

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Laser Rejuvenation Facial

A treatment elevates basic facial. Let your skin be as beautiful as you are

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A gentle yet powerful way to restore your skin's hydration and  overall texture

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CynoSure® 5D

Innovative Dual Wavelength skin tightening and lifting technology. A all around rejuvenation.

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Experience the art of microneedling for beautiful skin

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Chemical Peel

Targeted treatment to reveal smoother, healthier skin

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