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A stretch mark is a type of scar developed when the skin expands or shrinks rapidly in a short period. The collagen and elastic fiber rupture during the sudden change in the skin, and when the skin heals, the stretch marks may appear.

Pregnancy or rapid weight loss/gain could promote the development of stretch marks. The early stretch marks tend to be red, pink, purple, or reddish-brown. They may appear slightly raised and can be itchy. With time, the colour fades, and they become narrow indented streaks.

It depends on the person's gene, fat percentage, age or the thickness of the skin, the appearance of stretch marks may be more noticeable than others if one's skin becomes thinner and loses the elasticity as aging. Luckily, the advanced radiofrenquency technology combined with tissue massage method can effectively reduce the visibility of the stretch marks, also gives a tightening effect to a younger, smoother and firmer body as the result.


Often the recommended treatment for stretch marks involves three or more treatment methods. Just like any other scars, they may never disappear completely, but treatment may make them look less noticeable more quickly.

Recommended Treatments

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