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The inflammation from Acne causes a break in the follicle wall, resulting in a shallow or deeper lesion.


The skin attempts to repair the lesion by forming new collagen fibres. The newly repaired restored skin usually is not as smooth as the original skin.


There are two kinds of acne scars:

  •  Keloid scarring: The skin produces too much collagen to heal the acne wound, causing a mass of raised skin surface tissue.

  • Depressed scarring: Depressed scarring is caused by the loss of tissue. It forms either small yet visible holes or larger round or oval-shaped dents on the skin surface.

Target Treatments

Microneedling for acne scars works by penetrating the top layer of skin with medical-grade tiny needles which induce an increase in collagen production where the micro-wounds are created. 

The excess collagen acts as a ‘filler’, smoothing out the skin around the scars and improving overall appearance. 

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